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Failure: A Love Story

By the end of 1928, all three Fail sisters will be dead: expiring in reverse order, youngest to oldest, from... READ MORE

Central Hall – Auditorium 4 - 8 Aug 2023 Times vary
Promotional photo for the play "Scent". A white woman with long red hair tied back is seen from the back. Her grey long cardigan drops down and shows off bare shoulders. She is sitting, turning to the side to pour a glass of red wine. The background is dusty grey and the effect is like an oil painting.


Scent is a new solo show – a raw tale of romance and regret, infused with a bit of humour, baking,... READ MORE

Greenside at Infirmary Street 4 - 26 Aug 2023 17.35
Promotional photo of Eve Ellenbogen, a white woman with long wavy dark hair, red lipstick and a yellow shirt. Her head is tilted to the side and she has a quizzical look on her face. The background is teal.

Eve Ellenbogen: Dead Mom Stuff

Loudmouth Eve Ellenbogen will tell you pretty much anything, unless you ask about her dead mom. After 30 years of... READ MORE

Laughing Horse at City Café 3 - 27 Aug 2023 16:35
A promotional flyer for the show Until Death. A photo of a woman of South Asian descent with shoulder-length dark hair, red lipstick and a leather sleeveless top. She has a serious expression and is standing in front of a pink background. The text reads "Until Death by Nalini Sharma, featuring Mike Rose, directed by Sophia Cleary, choreography by Chad Damiani".

Until Death

Until Death is a solo theatre and clown show with a touch of circus, set in a hospital where time... READ MORE

theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall 4 - 26 Aug 2023 22:10

Drop Dead

Six strangers. One funeral. A million-dollar inheritance at stake. Leaving no grave stone unturned, how far will they go to... READ MORE

theSpace at Niddry Street 4 - 12 Aug 2023 21:30

Graveyard of the Outcast Dead

An actor-musician piece inspired by Frank Turner’s song and the story of the Winchester Geese / Crossbones Graveyard in Southwark,... READ MORE

theSpace on the Mile 5 - 25 Aug 2023 17:10