A promotional flyer for the show Until Death. A photo of a woman of South Asian descent with shoulder-length dark hair, red lipstick and a leather sleeveless top. She has a serious expression and is standing in front of a pink background. The text reads "Until Death by Nalini Sharma, featuring Mike Rose, directed by Sophia Cleary, choreography by Chad Damiani".

Until Death

Nalini Sharma

Until Death is a solo theatre and clown show with a touch of circus, set in a hospital where time collapses and humans panic in moments of death and existence. Inspired by her childhood, during which she survived more than one motorcycle accident, the stories are an amalgamation of the real people (and animals) she encountered and her imagination that kept her from dying of boredom during her hospital stays. Through them she explores the tenacity of human (and animal) spirits that are fighting for their lives and discovering who they are.


theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall
4 - 26 Aug 2023 22:10