Van Huynh Company

“The living need light and the dead need music” – Vietnamese proverb

Đẹp is the Vietnamese word for beautiful. In Vietnamese culture, death is also a form of rebirth. When a person dies, the family and community enact rituals that will enable the deceased to pass into another realm, a higher state of being acquistare levitra generico. Utilising a score by the Polish composer and sound artist Poznanska that is infused with Vietnamese funeral chants, Van Huynh’s piece explores these ancient Vietnamese ideas of death and rebirth. The movement in this work evokes the emotional journey taken by the relatives of someone just deceased, as they move through the various stages of grief, from denial to acceptance. The purpose of this process is not to lay the dead to rest, but to send them on their journey to the next world, to facilitate their transcendence to that immortal realm.


Warning: Contains nudity

Photo credit: Pari Naderi

Zoo Southside
3 - 18 Aug 2018 4.45pm