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Told through an enticing striptease of revelations, this poignant and funny solo performance is a complex and deeply felt examination... READ MORE

theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall 2 - 23 Aug 2019 12.05pm

A Wake In Progress

‘I’m sorry. But I need this. I need this authorial, this cinematic moment. No one will forget this. No one... READ MORE

Underbelly Cowgate 1 - 25 Aug 2019 3.10pm


Ticker follows twenty-something Spencer, a Geordie millennial who is deeply in love with the inestimable Gabi. But Spencer’s life is... READ MORE

Underbelly Cowgate 1 - 25 Aug 2019 4.10pm


In a remote graveyard in the October dusk, it’s time for newly orphaned Jen to learn that the monsters were... READ MORE

Scottish Poetry Library 2 - 6 Aug 2019 6.15pm (not on 4,5)


What happens after you die? Angels? A black hole? Perhaps… but what if you choose to die? Enter Grim. They’ve... READ MORE

PQA Venues @ Riddle’s Court 2 - 13 Aug 2019 1.30pm

The Chosen

World premiere tour of the new show from Scotland’s acclaimed Company Chordelia, The Chosen is a deeply personal reflection on... READ MORE

Dance Base 2 - 25 Aug 2019 5pm
Me & My

Me And My

Tired of being ignored, attention-seeking Grief takes it upon herself to be seen. A silly exploration of the annoyance of... READ MORE

theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall 5 - 10 Aug 2019 3.05pm

Barbara Peters: The CSI Effect

What most of us know of post mortems comes from television crime dramas, with equipment so cutting edge it borders... READ MORE

St John’s Episcopal Church 12 Aug 2019 4pm